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Trust Fund

In 2008 the Committee recognised that the preservation of the Clubhouse for future generations of Members required ongoing funding outside of normal operations. In July 2010 the Club Heritage Trust Fund was launched with the intent of establishing a fund, under the auspices of the National Trust of Australia (Queensland) (NTAQ), to receive donations from Members and friends of the Club.

Donations to the Club Heritage Trust are for the purposes of preserving and maintaining buildings, furniture, artwork and other attractive items of heritage, artistic or architectural interest.

In May 2017 the NTAQ advised the Club that effective 30 June 2017 all current appeals (Trust Funds) would be suspended or closed on the advice of their auditors. The NTAQ will meet with Club management in July 2017 with the view to better understanding the Club's premises and future heritage works. It is hoped that the Club Heritage Trust will be re-opened for donations from 1 January 2018.

Donations from members and friends of the Club to the Trust for its purposes are being held by the Club and will remain isolated from the Club's operational funds until advice from the NTAQ is received on the status of the Trust.